Personal Interest Awareness

 Personal Interests

Personal Interest Awareness Worksheet


It is important to identify what you are truly interested in and passionate about.  It is those activities that will motivate you the most.  The pure enjoyment you receive by doing those activities will provide intrinsic motivation to keep you moving in a positive direction with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  Also by knowing what you enjoy, you can focus your attention on doing more of those activities.  The more activities you do that bring you joy and happiness, the better you feel about yourself and your life.


Answer the following questions to determine your personal interests.


I am happiest when I am:


My idea of a perfect day:


Five things I really enjoy doing:







Three things I like to do every day:





I am most passionate about:




Issues or causes I care deeply about:



If I had the talent or ability, I would:



If I could choose any job, it would be:




Answer the following questions.


What are the three activities that you most love to do?



How often do you do them?



If you would like to do them more often, what is stopping you?



What specific changes would you need to make in order to engage in these activities more frequently?




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