Destiny’s Arrow

Destiny’s Arrow

Like an arrow that is set towards a target in the distance, we aim our lives in the direction of our dreams and aspirations. The front of the arrow is the focal point and is what drives the direction of the arrow. In life’s journey, the arrowhead symbolizes the development of our mind and our body. It is the development of these that is our focal point and what propels us towards your goals. We may use education or athletics as the vehicle towards our ultimate goals. We may go to school for our desired profession, or we may condition our body in order to reach our goal of making a sports team.


arrow to purpose

Fletchings are the small feathers located at the back of an arrow to stabilize and balance the flight of the arrow. They are designed to keep the arrow pointed in the direction of travel. In life, it is our heart and our soul that give balance and help maintain direction. Our hearts emanate inspiration, enjoyment, and the feeling of comfort from relationships that make us feel connected to others and to the world. Our soul is a dimension of reflection and contemplation that allows us to find our true purpose in life and to maintain our direction towards that purpose.

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