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Personal Development Plan

Self Awareness

The Odyssey – Destiny’s Map


Odyssey list

Self Discovery

Our lives are anchored in our own personal traits and fundamental values, beliefs, and principles.  Therefore, it is essential to understand yourself and who you are.

Self Discovery


Self Awareness

  1. Increase your understanding of who you are
  2. Identify your personal attributes (honest, trustworthy)
  3. Identify your values and principles
  4. Determine your tendencies and habits
  5. Establish your needs
  6. Understand your emotions

Self Awareness


Interest Awareness

  1. Establish your Interests

Interest Awareness


Hopes and Dreams

  1.  List your hopes and dreams for the future
  2.  Identify your Life Dimension Goals

Hopes and Dreams 


Career Discovery

  1. Find career that corresponds to your personality and interests

Career Values Exercise


Personal Mission

  1. Determine and describe characteristics of the person who you want to be
  2. Create a Crafting your personal mission statement

Vision for Life

  1. Determine where you want to end up on your journey
  2. Determine what you want to achieve along the way
  3. Determine how you will fulfill your mission or purpose
  4. Crafting your vision statement – a picture of where you will be in the future

Vision Statement



  1. Self Assessment Process – critically review the quality of your own performance, skills, and abilities.
  2. Determine which skills, competencies, and abilities you want to develop
  3. Identify gaps in your skills, competencies, and abilities

Self Assessment

Self Assessment Process



Strategic Development Plan

  1. Set challenging and rewarding personal goals
  2. Create a plan for achieving your goals
  3. Create a plan for attaining or developing your skills, competencies, and abilities
  4. Establish positive habits for personal development
  5. Incorporate a plan for improving mental conditioning

Strategic Development Plan




  1. Take daily action towards your goals
  2. Enhance Personal growth through Core Dimensions Dynamics™




  1. Periodically measure and gauge your development
  2. Review your plan and make adjustments as needed


Core Dimensions Dynamics™

Mental Conditioning

Skill Enhancement





Core Dimension Dynamics


MBHS quadrants

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