About Personal Development




About Personal Development

Our programs typically begin with self-discovery then evolve into the creation of a plan in which you set goals for yourself. Through self-discovery and goal setting you will build the foundation upon which you will create your destiny.

During self-discovery you will learn what makes you happy, what you value, what talents you have, and what you want to achieve in life. After you have discovered where you are and what you want to achieve, you will create a plan to accomplish those goals. You continuously modify the plan as you develop your skills and obtain feedback.

By creating and accomplishing goals, you are able to measure and take pride in your achievement. The process of setting and accomplishing goals not only allows you to achieve more and improve your performance, but gives you focus while building your self-confidence and self-esteem. And self-esteem is the keystone for self-actualization and personal fulfillment.

Our Personal Development program has four components:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Development
  • Self-Mastery
  • Self-Actualization


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Phases of Personal Development

Self-Discovery: Self-Discovery is the process of gaining a deep understanding of our own self, character, needs, values, and purpose in life. It also allows an individual to be more aware of his or her interests, hopes, dreams, and potential.


Self-Development: Self-Development is a process of consciously improving oneself in various aspects of his or her life. It is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by improving personal skills, competencies, talents, and knowledge in order to seek self-fulfillment and proactively reach your fullest potential.


Self-Mastery: Self-mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, control, and make the most out of his or her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. It is gained thorough awareness, understanding, and control over thoughts, emotions, and actions.


Self-Actualization: Self-Actualization is seeking personal growth through peak experiences in order to realize his or her fullest potential and reach self-fulfillment. It is the state of being when a person can confidently say, “I am being all that I am, and all that I was meant to be.”


Personal Development



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