Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills 



Interpersonal skills are those abilities, attitudes, and competencies centered on relationships and interactions with other people. Interpersonal skills are used every day and in various area of our lives. Interpersonal skills are sometimes referred to as social skills, people skills, or soft skills. No matter the name, effective use of these skills can enhance your ability to communicate with, understand, and motivate both individuals and groups. Developing these skills allows you to be more successful in various aspects of your life.


Strong relationships start with good interpersonal skills. Having good interpersonal skills such as collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution allows you to build strong relationships with others. They are often a prerequisite for many positions in an organization or on a team. Developing these skills allows you to become more capable, competent, and confident in your ability to interact with others and ultimately help you reach your goals. These skills are the cornerstone to developing other essential life skills.


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Our Skill Enhancement Series


Our Interpersonal Skill Enhancement series is designed to help you enhance specific skills. This series focuses on your relationships and interactions with others, and how to work most effectively with others. We provide strategies and insight that can enhance your ability to effectively create behaviors that can influence and motivate others. These strategies can help you become very successful as you strive to build your skills. Our series include such skills as leadership, team building, change management, and conflict resolution.




Team Building

Change Management

Conflict Resolution








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