Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

To write a personal mission statement that is reflective of who you are and what your sense of purpose is in life, you must take the time to think about what you truly want your life to be about. Your mission statement should be connected with your deep inner self.

Mission Statement


Step 1: Find a quiet place.

Get away from distraction of everyday life.


Step 2: Answer following questions.

The answers you develop through reflection on these questions will be the basis of your personal mission statement.

  • What do I want to be?


  • What is important in my life?


  • What characteristics or attributes do I admire most in other people?


  • What are my special gifts or talents?


  • How can I use those gifts to impact the lives others?


  • What are my best qualities?


  • What do I want my life to be about (Purpose)?


  • What do I hope to achieve in life?


  • What does a successful life mean to me?


  • What do I stand for (Principles)?


  • What are the values that I hold most near to my heart?


  • How do I want to impact the lives of others?


  • What do I want people to say about me?


  • What are my happiest moments?


  • How do I want people to remember me when I am gone?


  • What actions can I take to reveal my purpose and my values?


  • What can I do to make a difference in the world?


Step 3: Finish the sentences.


I feel great when…


I feel good when people….


I feel most happy when….


I feel really special when…


I feel it is really important to…


I want to be a person who….


I want people to admire me for….


To be a success in life, I must…


I am most passionate about…


I get really motivated to…


I mostly value…


I feel I am contributing to the world when…


Step 4: Review your answers.

Is there a main theme in your answers (e.g. to change, to help, to teach, to create, to laugh, to become etc…)?


List are some of the common themes?


Step 5: Draft a written Statement

Most mission statements are simply a sentence or a brief paragraph. It should be a concise statement that represents the person you want to become and your core values.

  • Review your list of common themes. List words or phrases from that list.


  • Begin your personal mission statement with “To”


  • Select a verb that represents the core of what you want to do in life (e.g. teach, live, change, love, create, bring, inspire, etc…)


To ________________


  • Adds other words that fully describe your mission.


Step 6: Revise your statement

After you have drafted your first version, review it, think about it, and make notes and revisions. After you have a chance to make some changes, create a second draft and then again review that for possible modifications.

Once you have formed a permanent statement, post it where you will see it daily so that it can inspire you.


Printable Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

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