Performance Improvement Process


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Performance Improvement Process

Performance improvement is a process involving a series of steps. Each step is an essential piece for reaching the desired performance outcome. The first step is to determine your desired levels of performance. The next set of steps involve measuring and analyzing the performance to determine what is needed to achieve the desired performance. That segment is followed up by setting goals and creating a plan for performance improvement. The final set of steps involve monitoring and evaluating the performance then making the necessary adjustments.


About the Performance Improvement Process

Most people and organizations only implement a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) when an individual is not performing up to the minimum set of standards required for that position. This approach suggests that no other individuals need to improve his or her performance. Therefore, as long as a person’s performance is meeting the minimum standards, they do not need to improve. This philosophy leaves much improvement and increased efficiencies up to chance. We believe every individual should follow a Performance Improvement plan so they can systematically enhance their skills and improve their performance.


Our Performance Improvement Section

Our Performance Improvement section outlines the improvement process and offers various tools, guides, and strategies to help you analyze performance, create a plan for improving, and measure results. These tools should not only be used for those whom may struggle, but for anyone looking to maximize his or her performance.





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