About Us

About Us

Destiny’s Odyssey is about helping you become the person you wish to become and encouraging you to live a life that gives you a sense of personal fulfillment.  We do this by helping you improve yourself, your performance, and your life. 

We believe the cornerstone to personal fulfillment and happiness lay in the development of your skills, talents, and abilities.  It has been shown that people are most productive and happiest when utilizing his or her talents and abilities to the fullest.  Thus, our Personal Development and Performance Improvement teams aim to enhance your skills, competencies, and personal effectiveness through activities, programs, and resources. 

These activities and programs are focused on developing both your mind and your body.  The programs are structured by elements of self-discovery, goal setting, habit creation, and mental conditioning.    

Through our self-discovery series, you choose the things you enjoy and what makes you happy, and you then focus on improving those pieces of your life and building the foundation upon which you will build your life. 

Although we strongly believe in discovering and developing your talents, our ultimate goal, however, is to have you create a complete and fulfilled life by discovering your purpose in life and finding ways you can make a difference in the lives of others.  Thus, our Life Enrichment group helps you discover what makes you happy and what gives you a sense of purpose then assists you as you seek personal fulfillment.  The Life Enrichment resources and programs we have available center on encouraging your heart and enriching your soul.


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