Goal Setting Steps


Goal Setting Steps

Goal Setting Steps


1.  Discover who you are

  • Self assessment (who am I?) your values, beliefs, desires, and your sense of purpose


2.  Create a mission statement


3.  Create a vision statement


4.  Identify your Lifetime goals

  • Identify and then focus on specific, tangible targets for what you want.
  • Maintain at least one clearly defined goal for every major interest and role in your life.


5.  Set Capstone goals

  • Set your goals so they are directly aligned with your life’s mission, purpose and passion.


  • Create goals high enough to ignite your spirit and inspire you to take action.


  • Write down all your goals in specific, measurable detail with declared target dates.


6.  Set Foundational goals


7.  Set Provisional goals


8.  Share your goals with others for mutual accomplishment.


9.  Set a whole series of related daily, weekly and long-term goals, complete with starting times and completion dates.


10.  Take ten minutes every day to imagine how terrific it will feel when your goals are actually realized.


11.  Take an action step toward the attainment of at least one goal every day.


12.  Commit to hitting each of your targets. Resolve to never quit


13.  Continuously evaluate your goals


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