Spirituality and Faith



Spirituality and Faith



Spirituality is often thought of as a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion.  However, spirituality could also mean the search for the personal meaning.  It can be viewed as the transcendent dimension of the soul that is discovered during reflection or contemplation in which the individual ponders the meaning of his or her personal existence and attempts to place themselves within a broader perspective.  In this contemplative state, they pondering questions such as “who am I?, why am I here?, what is my purpose?” 

We simply view spirituality as a domain of awareness in which we seek understanding of our moral foundation through ideas and values such as truth, compassion, love, and enlightenment. 



Faith is often tied with spiritually.  Faith is something that is believed with strong conviction.  It is a confident belief in what a person perceives as the truth.  A person can have faith in God, themselves, another person, or certain principles.  Faith can be the cornerstone to a spiritual life. 



Our Spirituality and Faith

Our Spirituality and Faith section presents ideas on how to develop a deeper spiritual life and connect with your inner nature. 

Walking the same path

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