Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan


A comprehensive personal development plan should have several key components. These components include self-discovery, a development plan, periodic evaluations, and a continuous improvement plan.



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Self Discovery

Self Discovery is the process of gaining a deep understanding of our own self, character, needs, values, and purpose in life.  It is a fundamental component of personal growth. Since we are all different in the way we think, feel, act, learn, and perceive the world, it is beneficial to take the time to reflect in order to gain a better insight into ourselves. Self discovery is a way for us to explore our individual personalities, natural preferences, values, beliefs, and dreams.


Development Plan

A personal Development Planis essentially turning your dreams into an action plan. A personal development Plan is a systematic approach to achieving your goals while building your personal effectiveness. It involves setting goals and crafting a structured plan for reaching those goals. In addition to goal setting, a successful plan involves enhancing skills and competencies. The key to any development plan is taking an action step toward the attainment of at least one goal every day.



Evaluation is the process of reviewing your actual results and comparing them against the development plan.  The goal evaluation is to determine what needs to be modified in order to achieve the goals that were set in the plan.  If adjustments need to be made to the plan, you can make those as you complete your evaluation. 


Continuous Development

Core Dimension Dynamics™ is the philosophy, principle, and process that empowers us to grow and develop ourselves and our lives through continuous improvement. We must consciously spend time and energy honing ourselves and our skills to maintain and increase our effectiveness. Dynamic Core Dimensions incorporates all four facets of self; mind, body, heart and soul.




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