Our Perspective on Personal Growth


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Our Perspective on Personal Growth & Personal Fulfillment 


We view personal growth and fulfilment as a multidimensional and dynamic process. The goal of the process is to have you improve yourself, your performance, and your life. The process is comprised of several elements that combine to make a more fulfilled life for you. We view the process as having a foundation as well as supports that help maintain personal development and its four phases.  


Foundation and Supports

Foundation of Self

We believe you must develop and balance all facets of yourself; mind, body, heart, and soul. We view these four facets or dimensions as your foundation to self. Some people believe the foundation of self is two dimensions; mind & body. Others may think of it as three dimensions; mind, body, & soul. We, however, view it as four dimensions.

Four quads 


Mind Your dimension for building your mental attitude and mental strength. It is comprised of knowledge acquisition, learning enhancement, and mental conditioning.


Body Your dimension involves caring for your physical body. This dimension is comprised of four main parts; health, nutrition, fitness, and relaxation.


Heart Your emotional dimension. This dimension has two domains; a personal domain that centers on your emotions and a social domain that centers on your relationships with others.


Soul Your soul is your spiritual dimension. Your soul is at the center or core of your being; it is who you truly are. It embodies your motives, your principles, your values, and is what guides you in your life.



Two Pillars

The foundation of self has two pillars. These two pillars help balance personal development and growth. One pillar is Performance Improvement and the other is Life Enrichment. The Performance Improvement pillar supports mind and body, while the Life Enrichment supports heart and soul. 


Life is not just about the growth you experience, but it is also about the depth of your experiences. Your growth should be like that of a strong healthy tree that grows tall as well as deep. The top of the tree grows and branches in many directions, while the base becomes deep rooted to support that upward growth.


Growth and Depth

Performance Improvement focuses on growing and improving both the mind and body. Life Enrichment concentrates on personal fulfillment by deepening the heart and soul.

Quads with pillars


Performance Improvement deals with enhancing your physical and mental performance by helping you analyze performance gaps and develop solutions so that you can perform at your peak potential. It focuses on knowledge acquisition, mental conditioning, as well as physical conditioning and strengthening.

Life Enrichment helps you create a complete and fulfilled life by discovering your purpose in life and finding ways for you to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others whether it is through teaching, service, or simple acts of generosity.

Personal Development with Pillars




Personal Development

Personal Development is what ties all four dimensions together. It connects the mind, body, heart, and soul. These four dimensions are connect by the four components the personal development process. These components are also phases in the development process.   These elements/phases are:







Personal development process begins with self-discovery and continues to self-actualization.  


PD Circle


Self-Discovery is the first phase of personal development. It is about the mind connecting to the soul. Your soul is the dimension that determines what you want your life to be ultimately about. Self-discovery is the process of gaining a deep understanding of our own self, character, needs, values, and purpose in life. It is finding out who you are, your personal interests, your values, your principles, as well as your hopes and dreams.

Self Discovery Core


Self-Development is a process of growing your mind and developing your body. It involves expanding knowledge, improving personal skills, and developing competencies. It also encompasses maintaining your health, enhancing your physical fitness, and connecting your mind and body. After working to develop skills and abilities you can ultimately reach mastery. Mastery is the highest development of any skill. The goal of self-development is to reach mastery of your skills and abilities.


Self Development Connection


Self-mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, control, and make the most out of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. It is about connecting the mind and body to the heart and soul. Self-mastery is gained thorough awareness, understanding, and control over thoughts, emotions, and actions.


Self Mastery core


Self-Actualization is the final phase of the personal development process. Self-actualization is the realization of your fullest potential. It is the state of being when a person can confidently say, “I am being all that I am, and all that I was meant to be.”

Self Actualization core

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