Habits and Tendencies worksheet

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 Habits and Tendencies Worksheet



Describe how you act or react in the following situations:


Describe how you act or react in the following situations:




When I am put under pressure or stress:



When someone criticizes my work or ability:



When someone criticizes my personality:



When I am ask to comment about another’s ability or work:



When I disagree with others:



When I make a mistake:



When someone compliments me:



When someone else receive a compliment in front of me:



When I am ask about myself:



When I am ask about my accomplishments:



When I have to speak in public:



When I am in a crowd of people:



When I meet someone:



When I am alone:



When I am challenged with a big task:



When I am struggling with a task:




Finish the following sentences.


I hold back from speaking the truth when.…


I look forward to challenges when…


I avoid challenges when…


I become stubborn when…


I excel when…


I do not do well when…


I release stress by…


I learn best by….


I am more open about myself to others if…


When I am put under pressure, I…


When I am uncomfortable in a situation, I…


Changing my behavior requires…



Answer the following questions.


Which of your habits or behaviors has the strongest negative impact on you?


Which negative habits have you struggled with the most?


What behavior, if changed, would help most toward achieving your goals?


Which negative habit would you most like to stop?


Which positive habits would you most like to build on?


Which positive habits do you most want to create?




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