Time Management



Time Management


Time Management

Time management is the process of prioritizing, planning, and methodically organizing the amount of time spent on specific activities or tasks in an effort to increase effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and/or performance.

Time management focuses on the way we use one of our most valuable resource; our time.  Without proper time management, people often do not meet their goals or finish tasks on time.  Learning time management strategies helps to assess how you currently use your time and find effective ways to incorporate techniques or behaviors into your daily schedule to help you become more effective at managing demands on your time.  Planning is the key to making sure that your time is spent efficiently and effectively.

You can reserve more time for the more important activities and decrease your overall stress.  


Time management is a necessity and a key to success in business and education.  Strategies for managing time can be incorporated into business, school, athletic, and personal activities.  By utilizing time management strategies and techniques you can;

  • learn to prioritize tasks and goals
  • determine the amount of time is spent on specific activities
  • identify those areas where time can be better managed
  • develop an continuous assessment plan of your activities relative to your priorities and goals



We provide a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals.  By developing these skills, you can institute minor changes into your daily behavior until it becomes second nature. 


A time management system is a combination of processes, tools, techniques, and methods.  Our skill builder series encompasses a wide array of time management activities including;

  • Assessing and analyzing time spent on activities
  • Setting goals to be achieved over specific time periods
  • Organizing activities to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Prioritizing activities on basis of importance
  • Balancing activities and goals to minimize stress
  • Allocating a certain amount of time to tasks and activities
  • Planning how to spend your time
  • Scheduling time for activities in to day, week, month, etc…
  • Monitoring the amount of time spent on activities
  • Evaluating results of activities and time spent


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