Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution



Conflict Resolution


Conflict resolution is the process of assessing a situation and the interests and perspectives of the parties involved in order to facilitate an amicable and mutual agreement to obtain a positive outcome.


Conflicts and disagreements are natural aspects of our lives.  They can occur whenever two or more people interact.  Because people have their own feeling and perceptions on issues, conflict naturally occurs when contradictory viewpoints meet.  Not all varying perspectives involve significant conflict where there is a need for intervention or involvement by another party to help reach a mutual agreement.  However, there are times when two of more individuals have opposing perspectives where they themselves can not come to a mutual or satisfactory agreement, and conflict resolution is necessary. 


Learning how to successfully deal with these conflicts and disagreements in a healthy and constructive way is crucial.   When handled in an amicable and positive way, conflict can provide an opportunity for personal growth and the strengthening the relationships between individuals. 


Early recognition and resolution of disagreements is critical since what can be dealt with effectively now may be more difficult to mutually resolve at a later point.  


We provide the knowledge and skills necessary to resolve conflict in a positive way.  We offer strategies on how to facilitate the amicable ending to a conflict by actively listening and then communicating information about conflicting motives or perspectives in order to reach an optimal outcome.  We also offer strategies on how to assess conflict situations to determine the best facilitation method as well as techniques on how to approach conflict.  This series provides the skills and tools needed to resolve disagreements while building rapport, repairing trust and building better relationships.


We also provide a wide range of approaches, strategies, and techniques to understand and manage conflict at all levels including communication techniques that assist with conflict resolution and tips on how to minimize defensiveness and hostility. 




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