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Destiny’s Odyssey is about improving yourself, your performance, and your life.  We believe a successful life is one that is lived through understanding oneself and creating one’s own destiny. 



Destiny’s Odyssey

We help develop and balance all facets of a person; mind, body, heart, and soul.  To accomplish this, we provide resources and create programs that help people to discover and reach their fullest potential. 

Our Performance Improvement group specifically focuses on improving both the Mind and Body, while our Life Enrichment team concentrates on personal fulfillment of the Body and Soul

It is our Personal Development division which ties all four facets together connecting the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul through our Core Dimension Dynamics programs. 

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the mind, develop the body, encourage the heart, and enrich the soul.

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  “You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny.  The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”  ~ Irene C. Kassorla





The Road You Travel

Life is a journey, and the roads you travel down today will eventually be what you define as your life.  The direction the road turns, where it leads, and what you encounter will be determined by the choices you make along the way.  And in the end, your life becomes the sum of all those choices.

Your destiny is not simply a subject of fate or chance, but rather a choice.  The choices you make today will shape the road you travel and eventually determine your destiny. 


Your Choices

You can choose what you want your life to be and the person you want to become.  Therefore, make the commitment today to improve yourself, your performance, and your life.  You can choose what talents and abilities you what to strengthen and develop.  You can pick the things you enjoy and what makes you happy then focus on those pieces of your life.  You can chose your direction and seek to travel a road that steadily opens wider horizons and reaches great heights for yourself and your potential.


The Cornerstone

The cornerstone to personal fulfillment lays in the development of a person’s skills, talents, and abilities.  A person is most productive and happiest when utilizing his or her abilities to the fullest.  The skills you develop and the habits you create today will make a difference in your life forever. 

What may seem to be a sacrifice today, will one day prove to be the best investment of your time and energy that you have ever spent.  Because years from now when you look back down the road of your life you will realize that it wasn’t the length of the road that mattered, but rather the contours in the road which you created. 


Your Odyssey Begins

Your odyssey begins today and we will guide you on this journey from self discovery to life enrichment.  We will help you broaden your choice of opportunities thus ultimately widening the opportunities you have in life. 


All Divisions



Our Three Divisions

Our Personal Development team focuses on your personal growth by enhancing your skills, competencies, and personal effectiveness through activities, programs, and resources. 

Our Performance Improvement team deals with enhancing your physical and mental performance by helping you analyze performance gaps and develop solutions so that you can perform at your peak potential. 

Lastly, our Life Enrichment division helps you create a complete and fulfilled life by discovering your purpose in life and finding ways so you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.


Yin Yang Circle




With all our divisions and programs, we support you on your journey as you strive for personal excellence.

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